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Training Tristan

RRP $13.99

FROM THE BEST-SELLING AUTHOR OF MAID FOR LOVE WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual scenes. Being a wealthy, famous business woman means constantly being in the public eye. That also means keeping yourself looking good. Having money gives you the means to pay for the best personal trainers in the world. That's exactly what Tristan does. She looks forward to her training sessions with Joel. In fact they are the best parts of her week. Exercise is a pleasure when you're working with the hottest guy in history. Joel's training sessions are best kept under wraps. A single rumour could be the end of her career yet the temptations of Joel's flesh just keep her running headlong toward him.

Computer Assisted Exercises And Training

RRP $317.99

A comprehensive guide to computer assisted exercises <p> Readers can turn to this indispensable reference guide for comprehensive and lucid coverage of the operational, technical, and organizational knowledge needed to harness successful and constructive computer assisted exercises (CAX) and war games. It is geared also toward large civilian organizations that are looking to teach and test their strategies and procedures without the added cost of manpower. Divided into two clear parts, the book covers: <ul> <li> <p> Fundamentals and Theory&#8212;conflict and warfare; probability and statistics; simulation; distributed simulation; and experimentation and analysis <li> <p> Combat Modeling, Computer Assisted Exercises, and Practice&#8212;CAX architectures; CAX process; combat modeling; CAX support tools; communications/information system issues, technical risks, and risk miti-gation; and exercise centers and facilities </ul> <p> Computer Assisted Exercises and Training: A Reference Guide is indispensable reading for research engineers, computer scientists, software engineers working with modeling and simulation, homeland security specialists, staff in simulation training centers, military strategists and commanders, and many others. It also serves as a valuable textbook for modeling and simulation courses at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. <p> &#160;

Safety Training Basics

RRP $242.99

Based on OSHA's Training Model, Safety Training Basics simplifies the task of complying with more than 100 OSHA training requirements. The authors provide you with specific guidelines for establishing an effective training program, including developing a training program specifically for your site, determining and achieving your safety goals, and designing a training curriculum and developing a presentation. Organized into six major parts, this book provides an overview of safety and health training and covers management aspects of safety-and-health program development, model training guidelines, job hazard analysis, and putting method into practice. Appendices include OSHA training requirements by industry, OSHA's civil penalty policy, state with approved plans, contact information for OSHA regional offices, and a sample lesson plan and sample test. For your convenience, you'll find additional training resources that you can use while you're developing your own training program.


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