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Pricing Strategy

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Many businesses have no pricing strategy, they simply make something up, big mistake! With the 9 rules and other information on how to price a product in this book you should have a strategy which will help increase sales and profits. Also explained is how actually increasing your prices may be the smartest move you've ever made.

Pricing In Road Transport

RRP $326.99

Transport pricing is high on the political agenda throughout the world, but governments seeking to implement this often face challenging questions and significant barriers. The associated policy and research questions are not always addressed adequately from a mono-disciplinary perspective. This book shows how a multi-disciplinary approach may lead to new types of analysis and insights, contributing to a better understanding of the ins and outs of transport pricing and therewith, eventually, potentially to a more effective and acceptable design of such policies. The book addresses important policy and research themes such as the possible motives for introducing road transport pricing and potential conflicts between these motives, behavioural responses in transport pricing for households and firms, the modelling of transport pricing, and the acceptability of transport pricing.

Industry Structure And Pricing

RRP $34.99

Industry Structure and Pricing: The New Rivalry in Infrastructure extends current economic models by incorporating effects of actual and potential rivalry in markets outside the markets of immediate interest. Focusing on the contestable model, the author shows how diverse patterns of actual and potential rivalry, called multilateral rivalry or MLR, affect the appropriateness of many regulatory policies. It is specifically shown that many conclusions of the contestability literature are overly generous to firms that might want to protect or extend their monopoly positions. While this book's refinement to existing economic theory gives strong results, it is still based on static production functions and demands - integrated to provide a dynamic view of multilateral rivalry.


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