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Teaching Overseas - A Short Guide

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Just about everything you need to work through if you're considering applying for an overseas post. This is not just about the dream, but also what can go wrong and how to avoid pitfalls. It should enable someone to decide whether the overseas life is for them. The second part of the book contains a description of the first two years of my overseas experience in the Philippines and Malaysia. It has to be an essential for anyone thinking about or currently teaching overseas. Written by a teacher and educational consultant with 18 years experience overseas in Europe, Africa and across Asia, there's not much that isn't covered. This book could save you heartache and money.

The Spanish Conquerors, A Chronicle Of The Dawn Of Empire Overseas

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The most seminal event of the last millennium might also be its most controversial. As schoolchildren have been taught for over 500 years, "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue." In October of that year, the Italian Christopher Columbus immortalized himself by landing in the New World and beginning the process of European settlement in the Americas for Spain, bringing the Age of Exploration to a new hemisphere with him. Ironically, the Italian had led a Spanish expedition, in part because the Portugese rejected his offers in the belief that sailing west to Asia would take too long. If Columbus and Cortes were the pioneers of Spain's new global empire, Pizarro consolidated its immense power and riches, and his successes inspired a further generation to expand Spain's dominions to unheard of dimensions. Furthermore, he participated in the forging of a new culture: like Cortes, he took an indigenous mistress with whom he had two mixed-race children, and yet the woman has none of the lasting fame of Cortes's Dona Marina. With all of this in mind, it is again remarkable that Pizarro remains one of the less well-known and less written about of the explorers of his age. Today Ferdinand Magellan is remembered as the first man to circumnavigate the globe, an ironic legacy given that he died half a world away from completing that journey. But though it ended catastrophically for Magellan and most of his crew, his expedition accomplished its objective, and in economic terms, the opening up of new trade routes with Asia was a more significant development than the conquest of the Americas for the Europeans of the early 16th century."

Teaching Workshops Overseas

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ARE YOU INTERESTED I TEACHING ABROAD? IF SO, THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Why should you read this book? As a teacher and professional in teaching workshops overseas, I have designed this book to give you a systematic plan, from A to Z, in how to teach I a foreign country. Since this may be the first time that you will be going overseas to teach, I have incorporated step-by-step instructions on how to proceed and what you can expect bot prior to departure and upon arrival. Overall, this book serves as a valuable resource of essential information to make your journey easier and more organized. Who should read this book? "How To Teach Workshops Overseas," relates to a wide range of individuals who are interested in teaching abroad. If you are a volunteer, student, teacher, lay person, friend, or family member whose relative or friend is thinking of traveling to a foreign country to teach, this book will provide you with the necessary information to ease the journey. In addidtion, it serves as a reference for those who teach within their own country. What are the features in this book that will benefit you? By buying this book, you have taken your first step to planning your teaching experience overseas. From there on, this book will become your guide, serving as a road map with all the necessary ingredients to understand what it is that you will be undertaking. Relevant facts as well as various strategies and teaching styles are explained to get you started. After reading this book you will be able to take the knowledge you have acquired and apply it to your own individual experience. Now it is time to begin your journey to teaching overseas by reading this book!


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