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Online Jobs

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Job hunting today can be rather competitive. Very rarely is a job opening available where you will be the only person applying, as predominantly hundreds may battle it out for the same position. Even if you are the person lucky enough to land the job, you may find that you are still not satisfied and yearn something more, something slightly out of the ordinary. Todd McLeod's book Online Jobs looks how people continue to explore new ways of making money from home as an additional income and they are making the right decision as there are so many opportunities just waiting to be tapped in to. Sitting at home and searching through the job section in your local newspaper simply won't cut it. All you really need is basic computer knowledge, a reliable internet connection, and the desire to earn cash from home at a pace you are comfortable with, either part time or full time. Gab a copy of Online Jobs How to Be a Freelancer!

A Parent's Guide To Graduate Jobs

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Is your son or daughter thinking about applying to university or already at university? Are you worried they won't find a good job - or any job - when they graduate? There are 80 applicants for every graduate job and 28% less graduate job vacancies, so your child is no longer guaranteed to find work on graduation. They'll need to work much harder to stand out from the other applicants - but what can you as a parent do improve their prospects? Bringing you the best and latest advice from the jobs market, graduate careers guru Paul Redmond shows you how to help your child get a head-start in their future career. From understanding the importance of your child's degree course and university choices, to ensuring they don't fall in the unemployment trap on graduation, you'll learn how to be their personal careers adviser and kick-start their success! Your involvement can have a real - and positive - impact on your child's future prospects and it's never too soon to start planning. Discover how to: Increase their employability Boost their earning potential Equip them with essential works skills Use your own contacts to get them ahead Get them the right work experience If followed, the advice inside will directly increase your son or daughters employability: whether it's ensuring they get the right skills and experience that employers are really looking for, or learning how to successfully navigate the changing world of recruitment. Not only can you help your child get the right qualifications, you can also make sure your child has the right experience and contacts to give them the edge in their hunt for a job, so they can take their first step on the career ladder. You have the power to give your child a major advantage in the world of work, so give them a head start in tomorrow's world of work, today. Paul Redmond is also the author of The Graduate Jobs Formula that gives practical advice to help graduates find employment.

Odd Jobs

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Will a watched pot ever boil? Can too many cooks spoil the broth? Is it possible to build Rome in a day? How does Hell compare to the fury of a scorned woman? Have you ever wondered what happens to all those pennies offered for your thoughts, or where a cloud's silver lining goes? Find out in this quirky collection of short stories inspired by well-known English idioms. From the secret agency that mends tears in the fabric of time, to the entomologist who discovers that one of his butterflies is responsible for the end of the world. From a quiet English street that settles its disputes through siege warfare, to a village where good deeds are being rewarded, with disastrous consequences.


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