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"Here, as I sip on my cuppa decaf, sitting in the comfort of my home, 'programming and outsourcing' can only be the last thing on my mind. After all, I've my business and job in place and am doing well for now!" Can this be you talking? If so, then also ask yourself "Am I just fine the way I am or am I missing out on a Christmas Bonanza by not being tuned into the latest on the outsourcing front?" If you are forward thinking, you would regard information as an essential strategic tool for furthering your business or career. Read on, because I've a lot of information to help you with, whether you are a manager, entrepreneur or a programmer yourself. No matter how much you would hate being 'Bangalored' yourself, but this sure seems to be the latest fad amongst all the big and small businesses in the world, and I'm not even sure whether to call it a trend as it rather seems to be "the" way to do business in this millennium. Just Google your way to an insight into how much an Indian programmer is in demand by those willing to outsource and I'm not surprised if it feels like "Am I in danger of falling behind in business or career if I don't outsource or get some outsourced job?" WHY OUTSOURCE? Pull up your socks for 'all the goodies up for grabs' out there. Here is just a small preview:

1. You pay a salary anywhere upwards of $4,000 monthly per programmer. And this is excluding the bonuses and other benefits like travel, relocation, insurance, sick leave expenses etc. On the other hand, for the same amount of job, you pay only a small fraction for the labor (because of the conversion rate of the USD being approx. $1 = 45 INR) and nil for other costs to an Indian programmer. So, you save on your labor costs.

2. You don't have to invest in the infrastructure, hiring and training, recurrent operating costs and other overheads since the programmers come with their own offices, hardware and software requirements. Besides, you cut on the soaring real estate costs and rents of owning a plush office space in a strategic location. So, you completely delete your enormous capital costs of doing it all in-house.

3. The capital released or saved in this manner can be channeled by your business into its core competencies.

4. You don't have to worry about the quality either, since you are tapping into the experience and expertise of seasoned programmers. Infact, you are now able to provide better service levels to your end user as compared to what an internal department can provide.

5. You can retain your focus on your core processes and customer needs which directly impact your bottom line, instead of worrying about the peripherals.

6. Outsourcing works out as a greater efficiency generator in terms of improved speed and better service quality without having to invest in people and technology.

7. If you are a small business or entrepreneur with lesser capital flow, you stand to be largely benefited by outsourcing as you can now manage bigger facilities at fractional costs and your customers get services at par in quality with the services provided by big businesses.

8. When there is a time crunch and deadlines are fast approaching with their monstrous mouths wide open, you don't have to shout at your already stressed out employees, just take a dive at the chill pool of outsourcing and relax. Your work and your deadlines will be taken care of. Besides, you can start new projects much quickly and with no hassles.

9. For small work volumes and intermittent jobs, it is sensible if you outsource instead of hiring full-time employees.


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Outsource Assistant Virtual Assistance
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Outsource Assistant Virtual Assistance
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