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The Secrets Of Pricing, Making It Your Advantage

An often-neglected part of home business is the pricing of your services. You know what you can do, you know there's a market for it, but do you know how much you can get away with charging, without p........ Read More

Light Vs. Dark; In Pricing T-shirts, It Makes A Difference

When screen printing t-shirts, a surprisingly important factor in determining price is the color of your textile. Choosing a white shirt will result in considerable savings in your printing costs. The........ Read More

Factors Influencing Label Printer Pricing

If you are in the market to hire a professional label printer, you have probably noticed that prices can vary a great deal among the various printers. Why will one label printer charge more than anot........ Read More

Pricing Garage Sale Items Made Simple

While you are pricing garage sale items, remember that people are looking for good deals. Whatever you do, don't charge too much. A good rule of thumb for garage sales is to keep most things under $5......... Read More

Ebay Auction Pricing Strategies.

If your items aren’t selling, then you might have a bad pricing strategy. There as many pricing strategies in the world as there are buyers – if you look at two businesses selling the same thing, ........ Read More

Profitability - Pricing Strategies To Make Money

At a meeting the other day, a marketing consultant opened her talk by asking the group, "What are you worth?" She went on to discuss all the different ways we minimize our worth or discount our value ........ Read More

Pricing Mortgage Leads

If you are a loan officer or mortgage broker on the market for internet mortgage leads, than many things will be of importance to you, including the cost of the lead. When researching mortgage lead c........ Read More

Forex Trading And Pricing Explained

I received the following question from one of my list members today: "... you referred to the currency exchange cash market and the fact that this is basically a market between banks across countri........ Read More

Affordable Pricing For Training Program

When you are considering embarking upon a specialized job-training program, the last thing that you want to hear is that the cost of doing so is prohibitive. After all, chances are that a reason why ........ Read More

Pricing High Tech Products

Copyright 2006 PJM Consulting Pricing is always an interesting topic, but even more so in the High Tech and Software worlds. In the consumer products business, if there is a package of frozen peas fr........ Read More

Beta In The Context Of The Capital Asset Pricing Model

The economic model used for securities valuation and stocks are a part of the Capital Asset Pricing Model in terms of the expected return and comparative risk. According to the login which is fundamen........ Read More

Car Insurance Pricing Plans

The law requires liability insurance for all drivers and vehicles. This means that if you are involved in a serious accident, and it turns out that it was your fault, your insurance company will pay o........ Read More

Winning The Ebay Pricing War

Pricing your products on eBay can really cut into your revenue unless you are careful. Most anything will sell on eBay and this is what makes it an attractive place to sell your products. The problem ........ Read More

Global Differential Pricing

In April 2002, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, and the US-based Global Health Council held a 3-days workshop about "Pricing and........ Read More

Playstation 3’s Retail Pricing

For the game lovers and Playstation fans, the waiting is over. The Playstation 3 is set for release. In Japan and the United States, the Playstation 3 will be launched on November 2006. On the oth........ Read More


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